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Bible History from Adam & Eve to Jesus Christ
This colorful poster visualizes the history of the people of Israel described in the Old Testament. The core of the poster is the Family Tree from Adam and Eve to Jesus Christ.

This poster is extraordinary comparing to other versions of the Biblical Family Tree, because it doesn't show only the genealogy. The poster also orders the biblical persons chronologically with the help of a timeline.

This is based on the idea that the genealogy represents not only a sequence of descendance, but also a time flow, which means, that every generation of biblical persons lived in a special time where certain biblical events took place.
Bible History from Adam and Eve to Jesus Christ

The temporal information of this family tree (ancestor chart) were taken from the information given in the bible. Two other timelines show the rulers of the great empires of that time, like the Egyptian, the Babylonian, the Persian, the Assyrian Empire etc. These timelines correspond with the bible as well as with history books.

Because of the many descriptions of the biblical persons, the biblical events, archeological information etc., the family tree is a clear overview of the whole history of the people of Israel from the biblical perspective.
Bible History from Adam & Eve to Jesus Christ

Format: 59,4 x 84 cm (23,4 x 33 inches)
Paper: 250g color print, glossy
UV coating

Price: 20,00 US$ / 15,00 Euro (EU)

ISBN-10: 398105086X
ISBN-13: 978-3981050868
A navigator for the bible

With it's various information, the poster gives you a complete overview over the Old Testament:
  • Main lineages of the Biblical Family Tree
  • Three different timelines, including the Christian calculation of time (early and late Exodus) and the Jewish calculation of time
  • Many referring passages from the bible
  • Prophets and books of the bible
  • Kings of Judah and Israel
  • High Priests
  • Rulers of the great empires of that time (Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman emperors)
  • Pharaos / Egyptian dynasties
  • Biblical information
  • Further (historical and archeological) information
Bible Family Tree detail1
Bible Family Tree detail2
Biblical persons and further information
Bible Family Tree detail3
Kings of Judah
Bible Family Tree detail4
Books of the Bible
Bible Family Tree detail5
Books & Prophets
Bible Family Tree detail6
Biblical events and further information
Bible Family Tree detail7
Rulers of the Great Empires
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